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's alert devices for seniors living alone can save lives

Medical Services of America announces alert devices for seniors living alone that can help save lives and provide peace of mind. Senior citizens living alone can access immediate medical care in case of emergency with home alert devices.

Medical Services of America produces the HELP button, alert devices for seniors living alone so they can reach help even when they have fallen and cannot get up to reach the telephone. With the aid of this one-touch alert button, seniors no longer need to move into assisted living homes or relative's homes as soon as they may have without the device. In fact, family members can rest assured knowing the device can be used to contact them as well as EMTs should their loved one be ill or injured. Because of the potential of living at home for longer periods of time, these alert devices for seniors living alone can save money as well as lives.

It can cost thousands of dollars a month for a senior citizen to live in an assisted living facility
and even more for a nursing home situation. Many families are simply unable to care for their elderly loved ones in their homes because they cannot be available 24 hours a day. Now, with a home medical alert system, the problem is solved. Senior citizens can live alone without being left to fend for themselves should illness or accident strike. The system comes with a portable medical alert button, which can be worn on the wrist or around the neck 24 hours a day, so the senior citizen is protected at all times, even when in the tub or shower.

These alert devices for senior citizens can provide more than just emergency help as well.
Seniors can contact the Medical Services of America Call Center with questions about other in-home medical services as well. Regardless of the medical need, these alert devices are a one-button answering service for seniors living alone.

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