Medical Home Alert - Personal Response Systems for Seniors

Do you remember the day you realized your mother or father needed help to get along? Or maybe you or your spouse are starting to recognize this need in yourselves.  Most people are determined to stay in their own homes, going about life as always. But what if something happened & no one was there? For peace of mind and independence you need HELP the medical home alert personal response systems for seniors.

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HELP Personal Medical Connection was developed to provide a valuable medical alert service for individuals wishing to remain independent in their own homes. Imagine being able to simply press a button to receive total home healthcare or emergency medical attention. Our Personal Medical Connection enables you to do just that, and much more!


HELP offers 24 hour monitoring, 7 days  a week, through a base unit connected to the phone line, and a mobile medical alert pendant worn around the neck or wrist.  When the pendant or red button on the base unit is pressed, our Call Center receives a signal. They contact you through the unit and determine the proper level of response according to your needs.

Independence and peace of mind

An individual’s needs can change very suddenly, or change slowly as time passes; HELP can assist in meeting the challenges that life presents. HELP Personal Medical Connection is specifically designed to be a medical home alert personal emergency response system for seniors and disabled individuals living in their own homes or in independent or assisted living facilities. Knowing the HELP system is there when needed gives you security, allowing both peace of mind and continued independence.   

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